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The Sermon on the Mount: The King’s Mandate: Going the Extra Mile

Sermon Series: The Life of Christ: From Creation to the Cradle to the Cross to the Crown

Sermon Title: The Sermon on the Mount: The King’s Mandate: Going the Extra Mile

Sermon Text: Matthew 5: 38-42

Sermon Date: 11-13-2016


  1. The Principle of the Extra Mile

You must do more than what is required by the law.  The Pharisees and many Christians today have a minimum morality, a loveless legalism.  Just do enough that is required but not a step, a penny, a thought or effort more.

Life is lived on three levels:

1-The Hellish Level-Return evil for good.

  1. The Human Level-Return evil for evil and good for good.
  2. The Heavenly Level-Return good for evil.


There is the law mile, and there is a legal mile but Jesus is calling us to walk the love mile.


  1. The Practice of the Extra Mile
  2. When People Strike Us v 39
  3. When People Sue Us vs 40
  4. When People Seize us vs 41
  5. When People Solicit Us vs 42


III. The Power of the Extra Mile


  1. It Will Change Your Attitude

The first mile is the slave mile, the second mile is the smile mile.   In the first mile you are the victim, the second mile you are the victor.  In the first mile you are controlled, in the second mile you controlling.  The first mile will make you bitter but the second mile will give you joy.  The first mile you are conquered, in the second mile you are the conquer yourself and the person asking you.  The first mile drudgery, the second mile is victory because you are saying I am not doing this because I want to, I am doing do because I have to—because I am doing it as unto the Lord.


  1. It Will Make You a Success

All successful people are second milers.  The reason people are not getting victory in their spiritual life, the reason people are living with joy unspeakable and full of glory, the reason people are not living an abundant life in Christ is because they are first milers.  Just doing enough to check off their list. 


     2. It Is the Key to Better Relationships and Witness

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