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The Life of Every Believer

Sermon Title: The Life of Jesus: From Creation to the Cradle to the Cross to the Crown

                              Well Water, Witnessing and Worship: The Life of Every Believer

Sermon Text: John 4: 1-26

Sermon Date: April 3, 2016


  1. A Wanton Woman

I believe Jesus went through Samaria that he might meet that wayward woman and change her from a wayward woman to a liberated lady because she was set free by the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. She was a slave to sin
  2. She was a slave to sorrow

She was a dejected, disillusioned, rejected, frustrated, sorrowful woman. The devil had promised her much but he'd paid her little. Dr. Lee use to say the devil offers high wages but he pays with counterfeit money.

Don't you envy the people who are living in sin and immorality. It never brings joy. Sin has it's thrills but it doesn't have any lasting joy.

  1. She was a slave to superstition

She was religious, she worshiped but she didn't know the God she worshiped. She had superstition, she had a form of godliness, but there was no power there to deliver her, her poor superstitious religion, she had tried it and it failed her. It had no joy; no strength to bring her satisfaction, that's the reason why she continued on in her sin. Everybody needs to be satisfied and she couldn't find it in superstition so she tried to find it in sin and not only that, not only did it give her no satisfaction, it gave her no strength.


Jesus had to overcome to barriers to witness to her:

  1. Racial barriers in verse 7-9 There was a racial animosity and Jesus had to overcome that racial animosity. Jesus though he was a Jew and she was a Samaritan, Jesus had to make certain that she understood the fact that the gospel is for everybody. Now, I want you to listen to me today. Jesus is not just the white man's savior. Jesus is not just the black man's savior. Jesus is not just the red man's savior. Jesus is not just the yellow man's savior. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight

A person is saved or lost by what he does with Jesus Christ, Jew or Gentile, bond or free, it makes no difference dear friend, it is not a matter of race. it's a matter of grace and the bible teaches that when somebody has Christ he's saved. If he doesn't have Christ he's lost.

  1. Resentment barrier verse 9- She had been rejected. She'd been put down, she had been discriminated against so long her heart was filled with hatred and bitterness, for every Jew that she met. I want to tell you something friend. Do you know what prejudice is? It is judging a person before you know that person. It is judging a person for something other than what he himself is.
  2. Bad Reputation verses 16-18.  She was married five times and living with a guy not her husband.  With Nicodemus, he was telling us there is nobody so good he doesn't need to be saved and with the Samaritan woman he was showing us there's nobody so bad they cannot be saved.


  1. The Well of Water

Isaiah 12: 3 “therefore with joy shall you draw water from the wells of salvation.

John 7: 37-38  Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. 38 Whoever believes in me, as[f] the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’”

How is Jesus and salvation like water?

  1. They both satisfies
  2. They both sanctify

I Corinthian 6:9

  1. They both are springing water v 14 well of water springing up. Means you have a well inside of you called the Holy Spirit.

What keeps us from having springing water inside of us?  1 Thessalonians 5:19 says “don’t quench the Holy Spirit”

  1. The sin of apathy
  2. The sin of attitude
  3. The sin of non-action


  1. The Way to Worship
    1. Why is worship important in the life of a Christian? Because God desires it and we need it. We become like what we worship.  When we worship Jesus in spirit and truth we behold him, we are changed from glory unto glory.
    2. What is worship? It is simply giving Jesus Christ the glory and the honor that is due to his name.  True worship is we are responding to of all that he is.

True worship is Worth Ship.  We worship him because He is worth it. The question will be how much is God worth to you? How can you know? Examine your worship life.  Worship is all of you responding to all of him.  It is all of you responding to all of God in adoration and contemplation.

There was a woman in a building and the building was on fire, it's a true story, she came to the window and she screamed for help. The fire engines came, they put a big ladder up there, a young handsome fireman went up that ladder, took that beautiful girl in his arms and brought her down safely. He sat her on the ground, later on she thought that was a wonderful thing he did for me. I'm going to find him and thank him. She went to the fireman and she thanked him and after she thanked him they struck up a conversation, they got to be friends and they started dating and after a while they got married. Now, let me show you something. When she was up there in that window saying help, that was like praying and he answered the prayer, he came and saved her. Then when she came to see him to thank him that was like praise and that was very fine. But the prayer is not quite worship and the praise is not quite worship, but then when she fell in love with him and committed all that she knew of her to all that she knew of him and the two of them became one, their lives are mingled and blended together, that is worship. Thank God for prayer, thank God for praise, but oh my dear friend, worship is all there is of us responding to all there we know of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. The How of worship, you must be born again.  When you are regenerated by the Holy Spirit, then you will be activated by the Holy Spirit and saturated by the Word of Truth, the word of God.

I have seen signs that says, “Worship God in the church of your choice” We had better worship God in the church of His choice.

If you worship in spirit without truth that’ll make you a fanatic.  If you worship in truth and not in spirit that will make you self-righteous.  If you worship God in spirit and in truth, that’s proof you are a Christian.


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