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Marks of a True Disciple

God’s demands—Be sinless

God’s diagnosis—You are not sinless.  Not even remotely close

God’s deliverance—Jesus lived a sinless life and went to the cross to absorb the wrath of God for your sinless so that you can have a right relationship with God and live an abundant life here on earth and in eternity with Him.  



I. A disciple of Jesus fears not the world 26-31

  1. Expect persecution

    Because of the lifestyle we show

    Because of the Lord we serve
  2. Endure persecution

    By personal insult

    By physical intimidation

II.                  A disciple of Jesus favors the Lord-whoever therefore 32-33

  1. Rejoice in the Lord
  2. Release the love of God

III.                A disciple of Jesus forsakes the world v 34-37

IV.                A disciple of Jesus will follow Christ no matter what verse 38-39

  1. Work at any cost
  2. War at any cost
  3. Witness at any cost

V.                  A disciple of Jesus foster's rewards verse 40-42

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